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BurningRaven / Nov 26, 2014
Figured its about time to start looking at future Cabal Updates. The upcoming update will be called Episode 12 : Awakening. After that comes the update titled Episode 13 : Unlimited. Notes for both patches are included in the following links below.

Full notes for Episode 12

Full notes for Episode 13

Here's what we know so far as the major highlights in these patches:
-Expansion of Guild system (higher guild level, guild item shop)
-Awakened DX Dungeons
-Item Boosters
-Archridium crafting
-Class rebalancing
-LVL cap raised to 200
-New Dungeon in Arcane Trace (Abandoned City)
-Dungeon Difficulty modifiers

Here are a couple teaser screenshots from the new AT dungeon! Enjoy!

Cloud / Aug 28, 2014

Guild Minimum Level 180

Death Race
A race to push towards the next level. A competition system in which all the 170 - 179 members get moved to a group called: Murder Pool. When a total member count of 150/150 is reached and a 180+ applies, the lowest level within the murder pool gets removed from guild to free the spot for the new recruit. There will be two murder pools - the academy pool, and shinigami pool with the academy pool as the lowest pool. Therefore, academy members lower than 180 would be the first to be removed.
The time limit for this death race will be 1 month, after which all shinigami or academy members will be removed if they have not yet reached level 180. There will be a grace period of 2 weeks to notify all existing members of the new system. Kidou and Royal Guards will not be affected by Death Race.

Death Race will be extended after the 1 month period has ended to all shinigami and the murder pools removed will be removed.

Inactivity Clause
As soon as the grace period is over, any member in guild who has not been online for 21 days or more will be automatically removed from guild. This policy applies to the whole guild Kidou and RG included as we share the same limited space. A mail will be sent to those removed explaining why they have been removed from guild and allowing them to return if they become active again.

Grace period starts 8/29/2014, and ends 9/12/2014

Death Race begins 9/13/2014
BurningRaven / Aug 03, 2014
For a breakdown of the Merit System that was introduced this patch I recommend you review the materials posted by Mr. Wormy. You can view relevant tables at the following link:

Merit Mastery System

Also he posted a video introduction to the system which is worth viewing:

We are mostly understanding the system by now so feel free to ask questions to your officers in game, but at least take the effort to try and learn about the system for yourself first!
BurningRaven / Mar 25, 2014
The Guild Ranking Rewards Policy has been updated with some changes. We have taken the feedback we have heard throughout the past month and incorporated them so that the direction of this policy appeases as many people as possible. These changes will be effective immediately, and all current and future rewards allocations shall be allocated using the changes. To recap the changes you can continue reading here for a summary with commentary, or click this link to see the updated policy directly.

Click here to view the updated policy

1) First and foremost we are introducing a new secondary pool for nation war participants. This pool will be subjective, and members will be nominated for their contributions that help us win. Such criteria may include building/pushing/scoring/etc. We feel we had to incorporate a more flexible and subjective element to the policy, because there are many players who help the nation win war whose efforts may not be as noticeable on paper through their scores. Also by creating a new pool for these less defined participants, we can allow for the primary pool to be more well defined. This pool will be defined by the following criteria:

-members will be nominated by players in the primary pool
-primary pool members will submit nominations to central 46 using either in game mail or our forum's private messaging
-there is no minimum limitation on amount of nominations, however the final pool will consist of 10 members, so you can name up to 10 people who you feel are worthy.
-C46 will compile the nominations and announce the pool. The final pool will consist of 10 members.

2) We are revising the primary pool. Now the primary pool will always consist of 12 members, the top 2 scoring players for each class. Additionally, only Procyon players will be eligible for the primary pool. We are making these changes so that this pool more accurately defines those members who directly contribute to the guild ranking. Regarding the nation stipulation, there are a lot of issues with running a dual nation guild when it comes to a policy such as this. It becomes difficult and un-intuitive to compare Procyon and Capella scores to figure out who actually counts. Because we are now making a secondary pool, all subjectivity and flexibility will be attached to that pool, while the primary pool will be rigid and well defined.

3) alz allocations for each pool when we get 1st place will now be as follows: 60% primary pool/30% secondary pool/10% guild bank. We've increased the amount slightly for the primary pool, and it will now be 12 players all the time. These changes should see that those members who secured the guild ranking will find their personal share will be more consistent, and slightly greater than before. Members of the secondary pool will never get as much as the primary pool, but they will find a nice amount of compensation for their contributions.

4) When the guild gets 2nd place, 100% of the alz earned for the week shall go to the primary pool. This is a small change, going along the lines of previous trains of thought to give more alz to the war players.

5) Addition: After joining the guild, a new member is not eligible for the primary pool until the following Monday. I thought this kinda statement should be self explanatory based on the patch notes, but evidently it was not. Player scores will not count towards guild ranking until the following week after guild entry.

Regarding guild events, whatever alz has been stored up to this point will still be available for guild events in the future. We certainly still plan to get these going, but its also very cumbersome and unrealistic to expect us to perform enough events regularly to keep up with this policy. All in all these changes reflect the bulk of feedback we've seen. Most everyone sees that this is a heavily nation war based system, and want to see the rewards go towards nation war players. Any questions or concerns should be directed towards C46. Thanks everyone and lets get back to work!
ManBear / Mar 13, 2014
We have now released an updated version of our contribution and corresponding VIP policies. We have added the ability to earn CP/DKP via raids and also increased the amount of CP given per dungeon to better suit the difficulty of each. With these new implementations making CP easier than ever, we have also decided to raise the bar from 125 CP to 1000 CP with a 6 month length in guild to truly measure and separate those that continue to work hard to support the guild, and in turn our fellow members. We have grandfathered everyone that had VIP via the old system, as well as added additional CP for those that had already contributed. Please keep in mind that this system's purpose is to promote team building with newer players that have just joined the guild, so let's get out there and start earning points while we make our family stronger - both in gear and in spirit!

Crusade(Mike) will be taking on the added responsibility of ensuring that the list is updated on a monthly basis for any new VIP status earned. He will also be your point of contact for any inquires related to the VIP system. As always, you can also contact me with questions or concerns.

In the upcoming months, we are also working on releasing two new tiers of VIP which will come with even more added benefits. I would personally like to encourage you to send me feedback via forum message with your thoughts on the new implementation as well as thoughts for any future benefits you would like to see!

Check out the below links to the new policies:
Contribution Point System
Drop Control (VIP)
BurningRaven / Feb 22, 2014

Disclaimer: This policy is currently in a testing phase. As we observe to see how things go, if any issues or abusive behaviors arise, this system will be subject to change. If you have any inquiries or concerns please be patient while trying to contact us. We are all working very hard on this, so please be mindful of how busy we are.

With the new Guild Ranking Rewards included in the “Return of Guardians” update, we now have a new means for the guild to attain progress. Guild Ranking resets every week on Monday, around the same time that nation war ranking resets. Guild Ranking is directly representative of how well the guild is performing in nation war. The top 2 players of each class (12 players total) will have their personal war ranking for the week contribute towards the Guild Ranking. There are some fairly significant rewards provided to the guilds that can achieve the highest rankings. The 1st place guild will receive a portion of the Auction House tax sales fee. The 2nd place guild will receive a portion of all nation war supply sales. For guilds that place between 3rd and 10th there will be a random chance to receive a 200m potion of luck.

The question now becomes, how will Seireitei handle reward alz earned through Guild Ranking? When drafting up our policy, we wanted to strike a balance between promoting guild bank growth, giving back to the entire guild, and giving back to those members whose efforts directly supported the guild ranking. This first week has been very experimental in nature, as we try to measure just how much we can potentially earn through the ranking system. Going forward, we plan to allocate Guild Ranking Reward alz as follows:

Guild Ranking Reward Policy

When Seireitei achieves Guild Rank #1 (max: 3.5b)
-50% of all alz earned for the week will be stored on guild bank to be allocated for guild events
-50% of all alz earned for the week will be donated to the nation war contributors (see below for more information)

When Seireitei achieves Guild Rank #2 (max: 700m)
-100% of all alz earned for the week will be stored on guild bank to be allocated for guild events
-No alz allocation for war participants

When Seireitei achieves Guild Rank #3 or lower (max: 200m)
-100% of alz earned will be donated to Guild Bank
-No guild events
-No alz allocation for war participants

Guild Event Allocation

As detailed above, a certain allotment of Reward alz will be kept on the Guild Bank. So long as the guild stays in the positive financially, we will use ranking rewards earned for prizes and participation in various guild activities and events. There will be scheduled guild events with prizes that we will announce in advance. Guild Bank managers will also be authorized to distribute alz for participation for everyday guild activities such as raiding. Our hope is that this system will allow for all our guild members an opportunity to reap the benefits of our guild ranking rewards, even if they cannot or do not participate in nation war.

Nation War Participant Allocation

When we achieve 1st place for a given week, war participants who meet the criteria will be placed into the participant pool to receive a direct cut of the reward alz. Participant pool will be decided according to the following criteria:
  • On Sunday (last day before ranking resets) guild members should take a screenshot of their war ranking for the week, which can be found on the character window as follows
  • If your war rank is not displaying, completely relog your game client and it should display
  • make sure to type /time in chat before taking a screenshot of your character window. This serves as proof for the date and time.
  • A maximum total of 15 guild members will be part of the participant pool.
  • Anyone who obtains either Guardian or bringer titles will be automatically placed in the participant pool
  • Any remaining slots after considering guardians/bringer for the participant pool will be filled by guild members in order of war ranking.
  • To promote competitiveness and ensure true contribution, we are including a stipulation that only war rankings in the top 20 will be considered as well.

We feel that these criteria incorporate all the important elements we need to cover. All 12 of the members who directly contribute to the Guild Ranking should be included in this participant pool. Furthermore, this system gives an opportunity for some members who put forth a good faith effort in nation war to be compensated as well. All members in the participant pool shall receive an equivalent portion of the alz being allotted for them. Alz will be sent 1 week after the the participants earn the rankings.

Guild Ranking Rewards Log

A log will be maintained containing all the Reward data for our guild history. The log will be in the form of an excel spreadsheet on Skydrive. It will be updated with totals for weekly alz earned, alz allocated for guild events, alz distributed to War Participants, and a summary figure for our budget. This log will be publicly viewable for everyone to see, but only authorized officers may edit the document. Our intention here is to keep everyone informed of where rewards are going, and ensure that no foul-play is occurring.

So this is pretty much it. This system should prove to be very rewarding for everyone in the guild proportionally to the amount of effort you put forth. The better the guild performs, the more potential rewards for everyone to reap. If you do not like to nation war, then participate in guild events and activities to experience the benefit of being in a guild like Seireitei. For those players that do participate in nation war but feel they either are not strong enough or cannot score high enough, please understand that the primary purpose behind our system is to both directly compensate guild ranking contributors, while giving other avenues for everyone else to reap benefits of the rewards system. We hope our system will motivate everyone to continue to improve both in skill and in participation in nation war. As mentioned in the disclaimer, our numbers and setup will be under review as we try this out. Appropriate changes will be made as needed. Lets continue to keep Seireitei as the #1 guild on Titan!