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Officers Update

Hero / May 13, 2016
Good evening guildies,

Recently under our new leadership we have been faced with many questions about what exactly defines an officer's position within Seireitei.
I have written a guide or outline to illustrate the upcoming changes to officers.

An officer shouldn’t be about a title, length of time in guild, or player strength, it’s about dedication to serve the members of this guild before yourself. In to be in such a state whereas you are able to do so, these players are typically already at end game. There is however some that sacrifices their own progress for the sake of others. That is why we have developed two groups or classifications of "helping groups" within Seireitei. So, Seireitei, I must ask you to think not of what your guild can do for you, but what you can do for your guild. I hope we can move forward with new and returning officers to keep strengthening and progressing Seireitei to new heights.

Thank you and have a nice day :).

Please note that there is no difference in rank between Royal Guards and Vizards, just different functions.


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