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Change of Command Ceremony 15th Soutaicho

ManBear / Jun 24, 2015
Change of Command Ceremony 15th Soutaicho

This upcoming Saturday, 6/27/2015
From 7-8pm Eastern / 4-5 pm Western

As you all know, recently Seireitei has undergone some significant changes in terms of our infrastructure and leadership. As we move forward we must do our best to continually adapt to the changing landscape present both within Cabal Online as well as within our community. Seireitei is more than just a gaming guild, its a community where diverse expertise, ideas, and camaraderie all come together. Now we are looking to expand our leadership at the top. With that said, Seireitei is pleased to announce the appointment of its 15th Captain Commander, MrSoul.

MrSoul has been a long time captain and veteran presence for our guild. He has made significant contributions in the construct of Seireitei's current playerbase as well as being ever present in its current leadership circle. Now he will be at the forefront as we move forward and take Seireitei in a new direction.

As we transition into this new guild era, let us all provide our assistance and support to MrSoul as Seireitei maintains its prominence.

-Central 46 Chamber


congrats MrSoul...
WOW!! Nice job MrSoul!! It's my pleasure to have you as a Guild Master! Congratulations! ^__^
my friend congratz!!!!!! :)
Thank you guys for your support , special thanks to our Central 46 members for letting me have the chance to lead the guild . I'll do my best effort to keep the guild active , make our members happy .
Leading the guild is an honor comes out with a Great Responsibilities so lets all support , help each others & Thanks .
congrats man, you deserve it. Keep it the hard work.
Gratz buddy :)
Congrats Mr Soul!!
Congrats Mr. Soul!
Gratz bro weird that u invited me and know you gl

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