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Guild Hard Reset

MafiaBoss / May 29, 2015

The days of Seireitei being the pinnacle of a Cabal Players guild conquests, have finally come to an end. We have taken a hard look at what it was that got us to the top and realized it was that very same thing that has weighed us down over time. We built a strong foundation of a well structured guild, and over time we kept enforcing the policies with more structure and more rules as the game changed. However, we failed to realize that the foundation of what we have built was crumbling under the weight of all the rules and policies we have added. At this point, we are hard resetting the guild. All rules, policies, programs, etc... are gone. No more requirements, no more applications, no more academy. Its time we played the game as a Sei guild for the same reason we started... we enjoy the game. effective immediately, all rules and policies are null and void. The guild structure is being changed at this very moment to reflect a simpler structure.

We will still need leadership in the guild and am asking any of you that has an interest in some sort of leadership role to contact the GL via email. No requirements necessary, just the motivation to do so.
We want to say thank you to everyone that has stayed with us through a trying time, and look forward to see what is on the horizon for Sei.


Regarding nation war alz bonuses. Once we get back into a position where we are collecting alz for being in 1st or 2nd place. The war distribution policy is also being changed. Going forward, anyone who (lvl 170 and above) attends 7 wars in the week that we win a bonus will get an equal share of the bonus reward. Same thing as before.. take a screenshot of your war score and rank, as long as it is Orange in color showing you have been to 7 wars that week, regardless of the rank you will qualify for your share. Any amount of alz collected will be divided equally amongst all those that posted valid SS of their war scores.


Sweeeeet! I'm sure this idea will pump some life back into Sei. Excited to see what happens.

BTW can anyone invite people now or whats the deal with that?
Good to hear. A Change was needed.
Currently, only officers can invite. If you wish to invite someone, simply pm any officer online and make a request.
So no more job apps... I mean guild apps and who finally decided this? LoL
Wow. So....basically it's just like any other guild in the game now. So much for it's unique individuality of the past years. I suppose it was due to happen with the game's current direction though. At least my VC position retirement request was finally fulfilled after 8 months :D.

tl/dr of OP, Sei is now a normal Cabal guild. So play the game and have fun!

One question, what happens to the guild bank and those funds? Better still hosts events for it to have more fun! And actually, that should pretty much be all it is for now. Can even host server events occasionally.
You were a VC?
Think the "reset" is just to have an influx of new and more importantly active members.
Indeed, however not only members, but officers as well!
fear change, do not.
So far so good still need to keep some rules though
all change is good

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