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Composite Awakened/Tempus Ring Policy

ManBear / Jan 19, 2015
Point of Contact: ManBear

Final Composite Tempus Ring/Awakened Tyrant Ring Policy

In order to be eligible to roll for an the following rings, you must meet certain baseline criteria as follows:

  • must be level 190
  • must already possess the Killian Ring/Leth Tyrant’s Ring
  • Loyalty Badge Tier 1 - must be a guild member for at least 3 months

In addition to the baseline criteria, you must also:

Awakened Tyrant Ring
  • Must have at least half (rounded up) as many total runs as the person with the highest number of runs in the party, e.x. 225 highest count is 113 or more to roll.

Tempus Ring
  • Must have completed 25 runs of EOD B3F

Upon meeting the minimum requirements above, the following cost must be paid divided among the other party members upon a winning roll:

Awakened Leth Tyrant's Ring: 600mil
Tempus Ring: 1.2b

If you are interested in starting to participate in either EoDB3F or aFT2 dungeon runs there are some requirements. First and foremost you must review this policy and agree not to roll on a ring if you do not meet the baseline criteria outlined above. Also be prepared to provide evidence of dungeon completions if it is requested of you. Second, you must be prepared with the necessary consumables that these dungeons require, which includes the following: fury potions, superior odd circles, holy water of vitality, protection of veradrix, leap of heroes, concentration potion lvl 4. Lastly, you may be asked for us to review your current equipment. To be as forthright and honest as possible, some members are simply not ready for these dungeons, either in gear or gameplay. If you feel you are ready, and would like to start getting some experience in these dungeons then make the necessary preparations with the aforementioned consumable items, and let guild leadership know of your interest.

One final note, if any given party so chooses they do not have to follow this policy. For instance, a party that contains non-guild members will have to use party discretion for loot. If no prior indication is given otherwise, follow this policy as outlined and leaders are expected to properly enforce it. Non-guild members added are at party risk for loss of ring.

*Guild bank loans may be taken out for ring drop costs, however, these and associated collateral must be approved by BurningRaven in advance.

Any infractions to this policy will be taken very seriously, so make sure you understand and comply with everything listed above before trying to join us in either EoDB3F or aFT2.

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