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Art & Graphics

Custom target color change

All I did was add a different highlight color around the target selected. There's 4 colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Gold. If you want a different color, lemme know. (Also I didn't actually test them, so if they seem slightly off, do let me know ASAP...
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Art & Graphics

New UI I've been making

So, since yall my wonderful guildies, I'm showing yall this first. I've been in the works on it so it's got a few hiccups still to smooth out. In any case, here's some screenies of it in-game: Inv + warehouseSkill page[IMG]http://i650.photobucket....
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Art & Graphics

Ribbons of Rewards for sigs

So...Out of my bordom in no-internet times, I decided to make some ribbons for some of the rewards available to our members that can be added into signatures :D.I will edit them to make them about half the size as currently displayed to not take u...
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Art & Graphics


Seen as I'm a artistic fail lol, would anyone like to make me a nice sig for the forums?
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Art & Graphics

My daily Free time :)

Well once in awhile I have some free time or I'm really really bored, I just decide to draw something during my spare time, hopefully they are not bad .. :)Drawings PhotoShop Coloring and Placement OriginalEditThen there is my personal favoriteSke...
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Art & Graphics

How to?

Hello all! I am curious as to what programs anyone uses to make their character/stat signatures in the forums? Not that mine are near good enough in my own opinion to flash yet, but would be nice to know to mess around with so when I get there, I ...
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Art & Graphics

Random musings and photoshop things from my nerdy brain.

Okay, first I'd like to point out/put myself down first so no one else can do it later, that I really AM a freakin' huge ass NERD. Full on, harry potter, RP site, random BS from movies nerd. And this is a direct result of that.IF, by chance, I hap...
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Art & Graphics

Fujisaki's Randomness

So I've been playing around with signature making lately on PS. I just started like a couple days my technique isnt great. But here is what I've done so far.Signature folder:
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Art & Graphics

mo memories

]Your text to link here...[/url]
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Art & Graphics

My new hobby!

My first of many paintings to come =]
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