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Sword amp scroll highest for armor

Hi guys,Im not part of your guild but I hope I didnt break any rule by creating this thread. My nickname is Tijaz and 2 days ago I've dropped from Franky Sword amp scroll highest for armor.I'd like to sell that to some1 trustful so here I am.Im lo...
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selling my 197 hr 20 GL

i dont have time to play anymore and im selling it as a whole with gear. if someone wants to see all of the gear i can show them on a weekend in game but here is an overview of my toon unbuffed with all gear on. also has 19/19 runes and 6800 basic...
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HR20 ,ring killan tyrant ring and good weapons and me im HELLOxd
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Sell bike parts lvl3

Sell bike parts lvl3 ( acount bind) 2b+xfer PM ingame YuNaVn
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Selling my items
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S> lvl 191 Wiz

Selling lvl 191 Wiz; Hr 17(40%), runes complete, Arionel, Basic Craft 4600+, Face/hair prem, both rings, male.Comes with Sigmetal Orb 40% +15, 12% crit dmg Orphidia, good drosnin and siena's bracelets, 9%all skill amp up drei frame suit +7. C/o 3,...
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S> lvl 191 FB

Selling lvl 191 FB, Hr 19(22%), runes maxed, Arionel, Both rings, female, hair/face prem. Comes with Shadow Helm 28%crit dmg/8% s.Amp +11, good drosnins. None c/o yet.MAIL in game Ziqo
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Skinz 01004Small Skinz 2y

S> gears

Well guys i havent been on much so i think its time to trade the gear for alz and save the alz for later.S> just about everything i have for FA7/40 sig helm +15 == SOLDforcy suit +15 craftsman(9%amp) 2 slot(1slot mcr) extreme 1/4 (http://puu....
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Sell fb 172

FB 172mergaherph ringhonor 13low basic craft 2karionelbm3 3 stagesrunes hp def atack sword skill ampnakedmail me soulsyster for more details
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red osm blade

S> PC red osm 36% cdi blade +15S> damage reduction rune
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Selling FB 192 (Crafter)

- Selling FB 192 Hr 17(20%), Arionel, Runes Maxed.- Basic Craft 7k(Sienas Bracelets, Chaos cores x5, Disc Lvl 4, etc)- Craftman FB Gloves: 9999- Craftman FA Gloves: 9999- Craftman Blades: 7578- Craftman FB Boots: 5000- Craftman FA Boots: 5000- Bot...
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S> 190 HR 20 WA

It is time friends... contact me for more info. Going to keep this for Sei only for a week before going open market.Gear:Sig Helm +15 3/3 extreme 7/40Forcy craftsman suit +15 8 amp 50 hpForcy craftsman gauntlets +15 1/4 extreme 2% mp stealForcy c...
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Trade alz for "ANTELOPES"

got 5b, hmu
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Selling 48 SGHH fails - no transfer required, provide your own cores. Price per fail negotiable. Pm me.
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selling advice red osm kat, 34/7; two extreme; +15

so, I am considering selling the above kat; can anyone give me an idea of how much I could sell it for?
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Quitting Sell

T4 Wiz LVL164 HR18T5 Wiz 190 HR20 ALL Runes MaxDrei CapeForcy Craftsman Suit +15(Wiz) 1slot (hp in it) SOLDForcy Craftsman Gloves+15(Wiz) 1slot(Empty Slot)Sig Helm 7/40+15(Wiz) 2/3 extremeRW3+15 2Slot 1/3 extremeTopaz Orb +15 7/40 2/2 x2Pet-2cdi/1...
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S> stuff

sghh x4Lvl 10 Gem 8 attk/ 8% CD/ def + 12/ resist move 2%/ 2 slot drop rate 100%Lvl 10 Gem 4 Resist Rate/ 4% CD/ 1% Sword Amp/ 1 Crit Rate/ 100 evasion/ hp +30BOF+8 ACC BIND
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S> iJelly

Due to college and family taking up most of my time nowadays, I will be selling my FA and all the gear. 190 FA HR 18 (50%) c/o 1.7b Basic craft 4500 All runes maxed except accuracy GEAR: Tyrant ring Killian ring Ros 10 ROL+2 (bind) +15 Sig 7/40 he...
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I think cabal has finally run its course for me. I haven't been online for months and with the level 200 cap coming im only going to fall farther behind, so I think im going to sell off my character. Lemme know if anyone is interested in buying it...
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