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Buy Tera Gold To Get Additional 10% Bonus at

As with a lot of MMOs, the comminute out of amount 1 to the tera gold amount cap -- 65 at TERA, currently -- is added like an continued tutorial. The bold does not in fact alpha until you hit the akin cap, with new equipment, rewards, dungeons, ...
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FB SET +15 with epic opstion ...if anyone selling here please pm me i can via paypal ..mail ingame DoUbLeKilL or mail thnks
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Im going to be in the bahamas for 5 days and i saw a potential 7/40 gl sg helm for 3.75bil i want be on to nogociate a price but i want it for 2bil or less if possible most 3bil if someone able to buy it for me i can buy it from you when i get bac...
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Fb sets for lvl 109

Buying affordable sets And weaps!Lvl 109 set with amps!
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As title say give me a good price looking to + 15 my +11 gl boots
Small IamHashirama 2y
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Buying GL Gear

Buying 7/70 15/24 or 7/7/24 helm 14 or more amp glovesif you see anyone selling ingame let them know im buying and tell them to mail me
Small IamHashirama 2y
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want to buy some safes high but idk what is the price if they are acc blind
Small 2Good4All 2y
2Good4All31302Small ManBear 2y

Still looking for

A 7/40 or 15/24 helm gl and 14 amp gloves if you see someone selling do you mind mailing me there name and price of gear please and thanks a lot
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Buy Ring of Fighter +10.

I wanna buy 180 mil
Small Dendi 2y
Dendi0801Small Dendi 2y

B> costume

i want to buy the german traditional dress, pm me in game if your willing to sell it :D
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Stomp41773Small Stomp 2y

B> Potion of Enhancement x3

As stated in the subject line, buying x3 potion of enhancement for 500mil. I will pay for transfer.
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Scroll Amp High

Buy Scroll Sword Amp and Magic amp high pm iTemplar
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You gonna use your rate scroll on it huh =)
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Buy High School Costume / MIB

Someone can sellme Buy High School Costume or FBI (MIB xD) costume in 300m ?
Small Xadkiel 3y
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NasZ21639Small NasZ 3y

Grind to 180

Looking for someone to grind to 180 with. Or lets spam IA pm me- Vaizo
Small Vaizo 3y
Vaizo31971Small ManBear 3y

Looking to level grind

Exp booster is preferred but not mandatory I'm a 168 FA, looking for either a grinding partner to level in fire traps/IA and/or PI.If you have a 250% or higher exp booster I will hire you to use Oath of Sacrifice to plvl meI run fire traps on a da...
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Buying Craftsman's Forcy suit BL

Looking for the HP NOT defense
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