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[Pinned] Awakened DX Dungeon Vids and Tips

I made this post on ESTsoft forums a long time ago but I realized I never posted it here so yea, feel free to reference this post/vids as needed and good luck farming! (Although it is from Warrior perspective, any class may find useful hints in he...
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Tutorials & Guides

[Pinned] Optimal Party Synergy Usage

In this guide I will address the most efficient synergies to use in a 7-man party. Most people know what synergies are optimal to use for yourself, but it can be a little more difficult to incorporate total party utility when valuing synergies. So...
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Tutorials & Guides

Core Upgrading Rates

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Tutorials & Guides

Class Base Stats Distribution

This is just a link to the spreadsheet for all stat distribution points and the stats they give. It doesn't include the Rank Up stats yet as I do not have that information yet. I'm working with GM Snow on getting that information and I'll add it t...
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Academy Basics tutorial

here it is
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Tutorials & Guides

FT2 Lightning hallway

I was watching the video of people doing the new FT2 and dying here. I was going to make a video of how to not get hit, but I found one instead.
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Tutorials & Guides

Video dungeon guides

I've decided to make video guides for every dungeon, it'll take me a few days to compress and upload all the videos. If you have any questions or requests let me know and I'll see what I can do. If you have any corrections let me know also. Enjoy ...
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Tutorials & Guides

Accessory Crafting Guide

Here's the listings for the more important accessories of note. Use this for reference to ensure you have the right mats prepared.
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Tutorials & Guides

DKP tutorial
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