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Alz Loans

“Need a helping hand? Seireitei can provide for YOU”

---Should you find yourself in a hole, and in need a little assistance to get you off your feet. Don’t fret, Seireitei takes care of our own. If you fill in an application for alz loan, you hereby accept to adhere to the following conditions. Failure to do so will result in punishment in the form of banishment or sentence to Rukongai.

  • Loyalty Badge Tier 1 - must be a guild member for at least 3 months
  • Applicant shall fill out the required loan application in its entirety
  • 20% deposit + 5% loan fee required to be paid before item purchase
  • The item will be purchased and held by the guild bank until the loan is fully paid
  • Once a loan is approved, the applicant has 4 weeks to repay the debt
  • Should an applicant fail to repay the loan after 4 weeks, an additional 5% fee will be added
  • Should an applicant fail to repay the loan after 12 weeks, item will be sold and all deposits/fees will be forfeited


  1. Applicant shall seek conditional approval from any Officer, with final approval and disbursement from Guild Bank (Super, ManBear or Burning and all associated players)
  2. Officer shall be responsible for loan status and updating loan tracker accordingly
  3. Officer will be paid 1% of fee, remaining 4% shall be donated to the guild bank for services rendered at time of full payment.
  4. A Waiting Period is in full effect when there are multiple applications. Should you require assistance on a regular basis, we request a waiting period of 1 week between the time a loan payment is completed, and the time you send in a new application.
  5. The loan officers have full authority over all alz loans and also have the right to accept or deny any application. Know that decisions are made justly based on Shinigami’s own credit history and the urgency of the application. Rest assured, all considerations will be made to help the applicant.
  6. Guild Bank loans are meant for personal gain in your gear. Loans are not allowed/permitted for buying of items to be re-sold for profit.
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